Stalking Instagram of Your Ex Make You Hurt? Better Stalking This Instagram Account!

Today, teenagers and Instagram are two things that are hard to separate. Not even teenagers, adults are are also love this social media. Many things can be done on Instagram. It is starting from positive things like finding information, enjoying photography, finding recipes, watching favorite movie trailers, or even for learning. Well, instead of hurt to see your ex’s posts, it is better to use quotas to studying before you take an english test for citizenship. Agree? Here’s a cool Instagram account you can follow to learn English!

This account is an official account of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) which is a television and radio station in the United Kingdom. Currently, the BBC is also broadcasting news on the internet. In addition to broadcast news, the BBC also provides many free English lessons in social media, one of them on Instagram. Through this @bbclearningenglish account, you can learn many vocabularies, typical English phrases and also many quizzes that can hone your English knowledge.