It’s The Facts About Seaweed That Not Many People Know

There are two types of plants in the sea that are widely known by humans. These plants are seaweed and seagrass. There are some people who think that both plants are the same plant, but actually, both are very different. Although, if translated seagrass is seaweed, but actually seaweed is often consumed is seaweed. Now, seaweed is also widely contained in medicines and a complementary substance in various types of food. Seaweed is contained in drugs much sought after by people because it has some good benefits to the body. If you include someone who seeks drugs containing seaweed, then you can look it up at . In food, seaweed is mostly contained in jelly, jelly, seaweed ice, and tamarind that is usually found in Japanese food.

While seagrass, until now has not been used for food or drugs. In addition to food, seaweed is also widely used in the world of beauty. Seen from its history, seaweed was first discovered by the Chinese in about 2700 BC. At that time, seaweed is widely used to make drugs. In fact, in Spain and England, seaweed served as the basic ingredient of glass. However, today the most seaweed food in it is food that comes from Japan. They use seaweed in processed sushi and commonly called by the name of nori. In addition to food, seaweed is used as a cosmetic ingredient. This is because seaweed contains carrageenan that can be mixed with cosmetics and medicine.