Pay attention to the symptoms of heart diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest non-infectious cause of death in almost all parts of the world. Applying a healthy lifestyle can greatly help prevent heart disease. Don’t forget to also visit to find a reliable supplement for your heart health.

What to do to prevent heart disease

Based on WHO data, cardiovascular disease claimed 17.7 million lives each year. Of these total deaths, more than half were caused by coronary heart disease and stroke. Deaths caused by heart disease are expected to increase to 23.3 million by 2030. Here’s how to prevent heart disease from now on.

Watch for symptoms that may arise

Not only for people at risk of heart disease, wary of any changes in the body is basically required by everyone to be on guard.

One easy way to do this is to write down the changes or sensations that arise every time you feel it. For example, difficulty breathing, tightness when lying down or while on the move, swelling of the feet and hands, and other symptoms. Tell your doctor if you feel the symptoms.