Steps to Install a Microphone on the Computer

In order to improve the quality of audio input on your computer, for example, to chat or record your own voice, you can attach your own external microphone to that computer. You can use a more professional computer microphone and XLR microphone. Here are the steps to install the microphone on your computer:

– Notice the jack in the microphone

Generally, most ordinary computer microphones have one of the following two types of jacks: a 1/8 inch TRS jack that is basically the same as a headphone jack (earplug), or a flat-end USB jack. You can choose the best USB microphone to buy if you want to use this kind of microphones. Both ports (porta) jacks are compatible with most computers. If you are using an XLR microphone, a quarter inch jack, or any other variation microphone, skip to the next section.

– Determine the port that is compatible with the computer

Almost all desktop computers have microphone ports visible on the front or back of the CPU. Normally, this porta is pink and has a microphone image on it. For an eight-inch jack, simply insert the jack into this porta then start the sound test. For USB jacks, most computers have two or more USB ports on the side or back of the computer. Directly insert the USB jack into one of the USB ports. Laptops and some other modern computers do not include microphone ports because they are generally equipped with an internal microphone. On most computers, a microphone can usually also be plugged into the ear-belligerent port. Then you can adjust the sound settings.

– Test microphone with record program

The easiest and fastest way to test the level and check the microphone settings is to open the input sound option. Make sure you can see the microphone plugged in, and have been selected for use. Open the recorded program, then try using the microphone and set the level. In Windows, you can use Sound Recorder. On a Mac, use Quicktime or GarageBand. If you do not get a microphone signal, skip to the last part to solve the microphone problem.