Depression and Stress? It’s an Easy Way to Handle It

Usually, someone must realize he is stressed or not. The signs can start from anxiety, tension, difficulty sleeping, and can not concentrate. However, there are times when you feel stressed and do not even notice it. Hearing voices no one else heard. The voices could be buzzing, ringing, beating, or shouting. This is called tinnitus. BMC Public Health reports that people who are worried about losing a job or just switching to work are more likely to experience this tinnitus. Stress can make you impulsive because stress affects the part of the brain that regulates your behavior. But, it can also work the other way around, leaving you withdrawn and losing self-esteem. And this is usually more visible in the workplace. Going through those days with stressful conditions is certainly not fun. If you experience it, immediately find a way to overcome it. Unresolved stress can turn into depression. Then when the condition gets worse and you enter the level of depression, what should be done? Join us at

Meditation and exercise are two easy and powerful ways to deal with depression. Especially when both are practiced in everyday life. This is a finding of research conducted Rutgers University involving 22 participants with symptoms of depression and 30 healthy mentally. In the study, each participant underwent physical and mental therapy 2 times a week for 8 weeks. The therapy includes 30 minutes of meditation where they are directed to focus on breathing while thinking about the past or the future, and exercise for 30 minutes.